What is this?

JAYSLAM is a blog in newsletter form dedicated to the great, torturous sport of baseball, with a focus on the Toronto Blue Jays. However, it will also look at Major League Baseball and beyond.

Who am I?

Stefan Salegio. I’m a lifelong Jays fan in Edmonton, Alberta. I’m also a writer and podcaster.

How often will you be writing?

Anywhere from two to four times a week, depending on how much there is to talk about.

The ratio of Blue Jays specific stuff will probably be approximately 2-3 for every MLB/general baseball one, but that will vary depending on what there is to talk about.

Do I have to pay money to read your stuff?

For the most part, no! Most posts are going to be up on the site absolutely free. With that said, my student loans aren’t gonna pay themselves and this is more work than it looks like, so I would be eternally grateful if you were to become a paid subscriber. Doing so will give you access to the comments section, allow you to ask mail bag questions, and see subscriber-exclusive posts.

Anything else?

A little bit!

I also do a movie podcast with some friends called Sequel Decay. It is strange, fun, and worth checking out if you like movies and are also a weirdo.

My Twitter handle is @DeLongianHorror

My Letterboxd username is humankitten

I’m really excited to be writing about one of the things I care about most in the world. I hope you’ll consider supporting me.

Go Jays!!!